About Us (must read)

After a lengthy career in investment analysis and management. We have applied many of those same skills and a large dose of passion to research and authenticate a quality portfolio of fine art and antiques.

Each item in our Wondrous Things store represents hours of research, close examination and scrutiny. It's our goal to discover and offer to our customers rare, important and beautiful objects of antiques and art.

Our search for Wondrous Things take us around the world, we return from our treasure hunting expeditions, and painstaking document and photograph each item in great detail. 

Many affluent and successful people spend millions of dollars on palatial homes and then furnish those home with items of low quality and poor workmanship that will decline in value and appearance every day that they own them. It's not their fault, their time is dominated by other matters and there are very few professionals in the decorating and retail art industry that heavily research works and then fully share their expertise. 

Our goal is to serve a small number of clients who appreciate our research efforts and commitment to quality.  Frankly, we aren't salesmen, the objects we offer sell themselves. We just need you to understand what factually makes an object unique and valuable. 

Part of what fascinates us about fine works of art is that it "locks in the talent, time and creativity" of the craftsman work like a time capsule.  Some of the most beautiful works of art in the World were made hundred of years ago under the most primitive of conditions. Exceptional pieces were passion projects that  represent a lifetime of skill building and weeks or even months of intense labor. Unfortunately for humanity the skills of these craftsman is lost forever. Only the object remains as a testament of their expertise and passion.  

Important objects of art that we aspire to add to our collections are timeless. Many of our objects were treasured hundreds of years ago as much as they are today. While all markets fluctuate the supply Wondrous Things is distributed over a larger population of well heeled global collectors which makes great works harder and harder to find each year. 

If you have the passion for Wondrous Art and Antiques I offer my expertise, and time. This is my final endeavor in life so I'm looking forward to building some new meaningful new friendships.

At the end of each items description is my telephone number, if you wish to discuss the item in greater detail your are welcome to call. But when you call we won't be negotiating price. If, there is any flexibility in price consider it a compliment, that I think you will be a good custodian of the piece. Life is short, let's make it enjoyable for each of us. 

Warmest Regards,